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El Sosa

Galactic Neon Lights for Cosmic Ambiance

Galactic Neon Lights for Cosmic Ambiance

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Cosmic Odyssey: Astronaut Neon Light. 

(41*34.5cm / 16.14*13.6in) 12V Adapter + Dimmable.

Embark on a cosmic adventure with our Astronaut Neon Light. Illuminating the beauty of space, this captivating piece depicts an astronaut sitting on the moon. Add a touch of wonder and exploration to your space with this unique neon light.

Interstellar Encounter: UFO Neon Light.

(40.5*32cm / 16*12.6 in) USB + ON/OFF Switch.

Prepare for an otherworldly experience with our UFO Neon Light. Witness the extraterrestrial allure as this captivating piece showcases a UFO in vibrant neon glow. Create an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue with this cosmic-inspired neon light.

Celestial Wonder: Planet Neon Light Collection.

(30*17.5/11.8*6.9in) USB + Battery Operated.

Discover the enchantment of the universe with our Planet Neon Light Collection. Featuring two mesmerizing planets, these neon lights add a celestial touch to your space. Choose from a variety of captivating designs and bring the beauty of the cosmos into your home or office.

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